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Professor Kaplan-Maxfield, English

Eat quenelles with truffle sauce–in Lyon, if possible.
Practice all the ways of love.
Now that you know how to be drunk on wine, learn to be drunk on everything else, as Baudelaire instructs us.
Trust your soul; it knows what it wants especially when we don’t.
Read poetry from time to time; otherwise you’ll get hardening of the arteries.
Mistrust authority and break as many rules as possible, including these; make your own mistakes, and understand that life is made up by each of us. Take as little as possible ready made.
Don’t own too much, in any sense of the word.
Possess a second language.
Be possessed.

I only have advice that’s anti-advice. I hope–since Emerson said “It’s not education but provocation that I can receive from my teachers.” Or something like that.


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