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Professor Anna Djintcharadze, Philosophy


We all want to be free, because genuine freedom grants happiness. So, what is that freedom from? I think that it is basically the freedom from our petty, greedy Self that transforms us from eagles into chickens.

“Not everything that’s countable counts and not everything that counts is countable.” (Einstein)

Perhaps it is by counting less in life, whether it be money/goods or whatever other people owe us, that we earn that which counts most but is not countable.Perhaps it is by storing this uncountable capital of Selflessness that we can really free ourselves and the world around us from the shortcomings of mercy, goodness and compassion and thus leave behind our Self something more than a hyphen between the two dates.

Having accumulated this kind of capital, you will ensure  yourself  genuine freedom: your happiness will not be threatened by anything, since it is what you ARE that makes you happy, not what you HAVE. The latter can be lost, not so the former.

To soar high your body needs to be small, but its wings must be large: the body is the Self and the wings are Magnanimity.

With all best wishes for a breathtaking life journey.


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Professor, Philosophy

At age 22 I knew that ideas are important, but not that their importance lies in the manner in which they touch people. I also knew that life as fragile, but did not know that that fragility is more than an early mark of our mortality. Ideas can change lives, and lives are generally hungry for the right ideas.

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Professor James Bernauer, S.J., Philosophy


Dear Friends,

I just came across your request and I wanted to get off two items to you.

1.)  A turning point came for me when, as a senior high school student, I noticed an inscription placed on the wall of a meeting room in a New York State retreat house.  The remark was attributed to Augustine: “Men travel great distances in order to climb the highest mountains but are content to walk on the slopes of their own souls.” Wow!  Let’s get off those slopes.  So I entered a Jesuit novitiate.

2.) One of the most important books I read as a college freshman was by a Jesuit, William Lynch, and it was entitled CHRIST AND APOLLO.  Nietzsche’s theories had  juxtaposed the Dionysiac (frenzy and excess) and the Apollonian (order and stability).  So the title indicated that Christ was on the side of the Dionysiac!! But, of course, that is what Christianity is about.  How could I have thought anything else?

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

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Professor, Philosophy


There are only two kinds of people in the world: fools, who think they are wise, and the wise, who know they are fools. (Socrates)

There are only two kinds of people in the world: sinners, who think they are saints, and saints, who know they  are sinners. (Jesus)

There are only two kinds of people in the world: those who think there are only two kinds of people in the world and those who don’t. (Smart-ass Logician)

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