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Professor Joellen W. Hawkins, Nursing


From the time I was 5, I always wanted to be a nurse.  Comments such as “you are too smart to be a nurse”  helped to strengthen my resolve to follow my heart. Besides, I reasoned, my dad was a doc and he was pretty smart, but his sister, my Aunt Tommy,  was a public health nurse and she was smarter and also had way cooler stories. When I was a senior in nursing, I decided that  I wanted to teach other nurses and also take care of adolescents.  In my first teaching position I taught adults, some more than twice my age, and I realized that I preferred adults as students and adolescents as patients.  I also loved being a faculty member because I could do something different every day of the week. In 1967, Boston College gave me the chance to be among the very first master’s prepared women’s health care nurse practitioners. Through decades of teaching and practicing as a nurse practitioner, I listened to my heart and realized that what I love most about teaching is mentoring the next generation of nurse practitioners and nursing faculty members.  And after I retired from BC, along came another opportunity at Simmons College. So listen to your heart as well as your head and don’t be afraid to turn down what sound like really good opportunities if that small voice inside is insisting “but you don’t like doing that!”


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Maureen Eldredge, CSON


My favorite adage is:  “Remember that the Ark was built by a bunch of Amateurs and the Titantic – Professionals!”

Don’t be afraid to try something new!  Whether its travel to a new job, make a new friend, or dine on an new food!  It is the “new” that keeps life interesting!

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