We are Boston College seniors about to launch into the abyss of the Real World. Before we leave our home here, we want to soak up as much of the wisdom and livable advice uncovered by those in our community.  This is our final (self-assigned) project.  We plan to reach out to students, faculty and staff.

A story, a quote, a chunk of truth.  Something you wished you had known when you were younger.  Words to remember.  A helpful suggestion someone once gave you.  A sentence, a paragraph, a page. We will read everything and will deeply appreciate anything you give us.

Please, tell us what you know.  We’re all ears.

Please email the following address with anything you have to offer:


Thank you for your time and your submissions. It means a lot to each of us.

P.S.  Students, help us out by requesting submissions from your favorite professors!   (They’ll be flattered.)


2 responses to “About

  1. Anonymous

    This is so great! And really exciting! I hope you get a lot of responses

  2. Anonymous

    i love this website.

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