Jean M. Chisser, Alumni Special Services

Enjoy this time right after graduation – most likely this will be the time in your life when you are most free to explore and try new things. Remember, too, that making a decision now doesn’t mean that it is a lifetime decision; you can always make another decision later.

Ever thought you’d like to live in a different part of the country? Try it! You can always move back to your home state.

Ever thought you’d like to backpack through Europe, maybe staying in hostels and riding the trains overnight to get to a new country? Try it! You will meet fascinating and interesting people from all over the world. (Your parents may say they’d rather you didn’t do this, but actually, deep inside, they would most likely be happy for you.)

Want to commit to a year or two of service in the JVC or other volunteer-based organization? Now’s the time. You (most likely) don’t have a spouse or children to care for, so you are free to try this.

Tired of living with several other people? Get your own apartment and live alone to see if you like it.

Basically, try new things and don’t be afraid of failure. Trying something and deciding you don’t like it is not failure.

Live up to your own expectations for yourself, not anyone else’s. Pursue your own dreams, not anyone else’s. Work to identify what makes you truly happy and you will be content.

And finally, stay connected to Boston College. You are always an Eagle!


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